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Wolfgang Alschner (2019)
L’analyse des données juridiques

Wolfgang Alschner (2019)
The Data Science of Law.

Mistrale Goudreau (2018)
L’intention du législateur: un construit juridique

Nicky Armstrong (2017)
Mathematics in Legislation

Lawrence Purdy (2017)
The Theory of (Legislated) Forms: Plato, Prescription and Paradox

Peter Pagano & Eamonn Moran (2016)
Interpretation Acts

Mistrale Goudreau (2015)
Le Principe de Neutralité Technologique: Consécration Jurisprudentielle et Ambiguïté Conceptuelle

Geoff Lawn (2015)
Achieving Technological Neutrality in the Drafting of Legislation

Janet Erasmus (2013)
Master Class: Drafting Techniques to Invite Effective Instructions

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