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Obtaining PBDLD and MAIS Qualifications

An important benefit for PBDLD students is the chance to use the courses they have taken in the Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Legislative Drafting towards a Master of Arts – Integrated Studies degree.

Students interested in earning a Diploma in legislative drafting as well as a MAIS degree should be aware of the following:

  • AU students cannot be enrolled in more than one program at AU at a time.
  • Accordingly, PBDLD students wishing to also obtain a MAIS degree should first complete the Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Legislative Drafting and then enter into the MAIS program to complete the remaining courses necessary for the MAIS degree.
  • MAIS students interested in the PBDLD program will need to withdraw from MAIS and complete the DLD program and then re-apply to MAIS.
  • Should students wish to pursue both credentials it is suggested that you contract the MAIS Office to assist you in developing a study plan that will best meet your needs.
  1. Students who complete the PBDLD can use all 15 PBDLD course credits towards a MAIS degree. The PBDLD courses are:
  2. Applying all 15 credits towards the 33 credit MAIS degree will leave you with18 credits remaining to be taken within the MAIS Program.

  3. MAIS students who are not enrolled in the PBDLD are eligible to enrol in LGST 551 Introduction to Legislative Drafting, and LGST 553 Instructions and Compliance, pursuant to the policy set out here:
    • These courses cannot be substituted for required courses in the MAIS program.
    • A student cannot be admitted to more than one program at AU.
    • A MAIS student must seek the approval of the PBDLD program director for enrolment in LGST 551 by submitting a statement explaining their interest in the course and why they believe they will succeed in it having regard to their background, knowledge, and experience.
    • A MAIS student may enrol in LGST 553 after successful completion of LGST 551 without further approval.
    • A MAIS student who holds a law degree and who would therefore qualify for admission to the PBDLD program may enrol in LGST 551, and LGST 553, upon proof of that qualification and without further approval.
  4. MAIS students who wish to pursue the PBDLD credential, and who do not possess the usual PBDLD entrance requirements, may use successful completion of LGST 551 and LGST 553 in support of their application for admission to the PBDLD Program.
  5. Students with a PBDLD will be required to submit a study plan at the time of their application to the MAIS Program.
  6. PBDLD students will be required to pay the MAIS Program application fee but not the program admission fee. Transfer evaluation fees are not required to apply your PBDLD credits towards a MAIS degree.
  7. PBDLD students who wish to earn a MAIS degree are required to complete 18 additional credits for the MAIS degree, as follows:
  8. PBDLD students who enrol in MAIS will normally enrol in an independent track, but are not precluded from enrolling in a specialization. However, students need to determine if they will be required to take additional courses in order to meet the particular requirements of some streams, please check with the MAIS Office to assist you in developing your study plan.
  9. Some suggestions about where PBDLD courses will fit in the MAIS specializations are:

However, there are several other MAIS course options and electives you may want to consider from within any of the available MAIS Areas of Specialization.

Updated November 06 2014 by Student & Academic Services

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